Saturday, 28 March 2015

How To Registered on FanBox? What is FanBox Activation Code?

There is a note window popup when we click on signup to join FanBox. The note is given below that asks new member to enter an activation code to signup.
Due to overwhelming demand, we can only accept new members by invitation. Please request an invitation from a friend who is already a member.
NOTE — The best way to get invited is to post a request to your Facebook or Twitter.

This is because currently fanbox has closed registration, any of your friend who is earning from fan can invite you and then you can create account. The procedure is quite easy and without any hurdles.
If you have activation code then you can join FanBox and can earn money as much as you can.
If you want activation code for FanBox signup, comment here or join our Facebook Fanpage(activation codes are updated many times in a day).

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

How to signup on

The network’s developers describe tsu as a “free social network and payment platform.” tsu’s invite-only policy aims to encourage existing users to grow their online community, or “family tree.” For example, say user 1 invites user 2 to join tsu. If user 2 decides to join, user 1 gets paid. Then, if users 2 decides to stay and invites user 3 to check out tsu, both user 2 and user 1 get paid—and so on.
To signup on Tsu you need an invitation by a person who is already a part of Tsu.

Click here to directly signup on Tsu.

Comment here if you have any question.

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Earn Money With tsü.co

Tsu is an online social networking service headquartered in New York, New York.

Like Facebook, after registering to use the site, users may create a personal profile, add other users as friends, exchange messages, post status updates and photos, and receive notifications when others update their profiles. Tsu pays you on what you do on your profile, like if you post something on your Tsu profile same as you do on facebook, comment or like someone's post. Tsu differentiates itself from competitors by allowing its users to maintain ownership of the content they post.
Tsu has been rapidly gaining ground since its late October launch. The key to tsu’s growth is not a backlash against mainstream social networks— but the fact that tsu encourages their users’ activity on the social network with monetary rewards.
The network’s developers describe tsu as a “free social network and payment platform.” tsu’s invite-only policy aims to encourage existing users to grow their online community, or “family tree.” For example, say user 1 invites user 2 to join tsu. If user 2 decides to join, user 1 gets paid. Then, if users 2 decides to stay and invites user 3 to check out tsu, both user 2 and user 1 get paid—and so on. 
The payments don’t stop there. Users are also encouraged to share photo, video and text content that garners pageviews from their social media audience—all typical behavior for social networks. What makes tsu different from other social media giants is that the network only takes 10 percent of ad revenue generated by advertisements placed on the users’ pages. The other 90 percent is divided among the content creator, who gets 45%, and the other 45% is distributed among that user’s “family tree”—essentially operating on a multi-level marketing model. Successful users can cash their earnings once they amount to $100.
tsu shared economics model
While the idea of getting paid for being a social media guru is attractive (just think of how much you could earn on your engagement announcement!), there are mixed feelings associated with a network that pays you to post. The Times’article on Tsu discusses the risk of the new network propagating the model where only those already at the top reap the most rewards—the same kind of social media influencers who make profit from their social media presence and have a large following elsewhere would be the ones making the most money on tsu.
Comment here if you have any question about Tsu.
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Introducing the FanBox mobile app for iPhone

OK, so I was wondering how long it would take for some of you clever people to figure out that the FanBox mobile app (for iPhones) has been launched in the Apple iTunes store.

Well, it appears that a few of you have already figured it out!
(I was waiting for the Android app to also be ready, before announcing it -- so that we would have a level playing field between Apple and Android users) ;)
Well, one of those clever people is Senator Anna P.
Check out her earnings:
               Introducing the FanBox mobile app for iPhone 
As you can see, the algorithms are giving these photos (taken with the mobile app) hyper-freshness earnings credit...
... since the freshness of those photos are guaranteed. 

Yes, it is true:
Organic photos -- taken with the FanBox mobile apps -- earn significantly more than all other photos...
... because the app can guarantee their freshness.

A few notes about the mobile app:
Version 1 is hyper-focused on only one thing:
Your photo earnings

The purpose of this app is to give you a way to take photos...
.... and have them instantly appear in the homepage feeds of your friends and fans...
... so that ZERO time is wasted between the time you take the photo, and when it is spreading out to your fans, their fans, fans of your fans of your fans, and so on and so forth.

Remember, for earnings, it's all about freshness. 
Hint: You actually earn more from people that are NOT your fans, than people that ARE your fans.
Just notice how many people in this illustration are connected to you directly, versus those that are connected to you indirectly:
 Introducing the FanBox mobile app for iPhone
As you can see, most people that view your QUALITY photos are NOT connected to you directly.
     ----> You actually earn MORE from people that are NOT your fans yet! <----
So to maximize your earnings, you want to post QUALITY photos, so that your fans spread them far and wide, and so that their fans do the same.
And now, with the new iPhone app, you can do that very quickly, and even earn significantly more than you earn with your other photos.

When you take a photo, it is published instantly!
To "pull it back", you need to delete the related feed story, by visiting your profile on the Web.
You can also permanently delete the photo from your FanBox photo abum on the Web.
Future versions will allow you to do all of that from your phone, of course.
(Instead of making you wait for the entire mobile app -- which will include virtually everything on the FanBox web site...
... the engineers wanted to get this to you now -- so you can start earning with it immediately...
... while they continue to build out the rest of the mobile apps).

My suggestion:
If you were thinking about getting an iPhone, this is the perfect excuse to do that. As you can see, earnings from the app may pay for the phone in a matter of days.
       (The Android app is also coming soon, I promise.)
If you already have an iPhone, don't miss an opportunity to take a photo with it, every time you're hanging out with friends and family, or notice something beautiful.
In the back of your mind, always be looking for the beauty in things; the beauty in relationships; and the beauty in moments.
The more you look for beauty, the easier it will become to find it -- eventually without even thinking about it:
They say the mind can only hold one thought at a time: Positive, or negative.
The more you use your mind's muscle for either of those two, the stronger that part gets (and the weaker the other part gets).
So, even if for no other reason but to increase your earnings, start fine-tuning your brain to look for positive, even as you go about your day, your work and your life.

My challenge for you:
It takes 21 days to build a habit. 
I challenge you to take at least one photo every day, for 21 days...
... always looking out for the beauty in things, people, situtations and moments -- so that you can capture that fantastic photo that your fans will love.
If you do that every day, for 21 days, you will have built a habit.
Your brain and eye will automatically notice beauty -- even when it's only in your peripheral vision.
Also, if you do this for 21 days, your ability to notice (or care about) negative people and situations will be dramatically reduced. (That part of your brain will atrophy and be on the decline).
And because you always attract people and situations into your life that harmonize with your dominant thoughts...
... you will start meeting new people and experience new events that will create even more positive momentum in all areas of your life.

Anyone up for the challenge?
We're talking only 21 days.
After that, if you notice a sizeable increase in the amount of positivity in your life, and you like that, you might set a new goal and keep it going.
But if you find that all that positivity is just too much for you, by all means you'll want to stop this experiment and remove the app from your phone immediately!  ;)

Ready to try the mobile app?
Visit the Apple iTunes app store from your iPhone, to download the free app.
(By the way, there seems to be another app in there with the name "FanBox"... that has nothing to do with our community, so just make sure you download the right one!)
It's a very simple app, so the best way to learn it, is to just use it and play with it.
You earn more with photos taken with the app, so long as they were taken fresh.  
(By the way, the app also let's your upload photos to the site from your photo storage on the phone -- photos that you took previously...
... but keep in mind that those get the same credit as photos uploaded on the site.  Only the fresh ones you take that are instantly and automatically uploaded to the site get the earnings multiplier).

Android users:
  Your app is almost ready. My current best guess is that it will be yours by the end of next week.
Congrats Anna P and others that have already figured it out!

Any questions? I'm here for you.
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